Our Guiding Principles

Investment Philosophy

When assessing investment opportunities,

Prioritizing our time to look for companies that can compound over time.

Sticking to our “Circles of competence”—industries and businesses that we thoroughly understand.

Companies with sustainable moats, management teams with a proven track record and proper alignment with stakeholders.

Seeking to buy good businesses at the right price, with an ample margin of safety.


Understanding consumer trends in China

Our research team comprises Chinese analysts who live and breathe the products and services we invest in daily, enabling us to maintain what we believe to be a more accurate pulse on consumer trends in China’s fast-moving and dynamic economy.

Honing in on the most critical aspects of an investment and potential catalysts

Our team members have rich experiences as business owners and executives across multiple industries. Their operating experience, combined with their deep family networks built over generations, enable them to hone in on the most critical aspects of an investment and its potential catalysts. 

Constantly gaining firsthand information

Having a cohesive team spread across Shenzhen and Shanghai enables us to access remote regions of the country and attend meetings in person, including regular management meetings and annual investor meetings. Given our in-depth knowledge of select industries, we are often able to build unique relationships with management teams.

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